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Could This Be Proof of Reincarnation? | Collective-Evolution

Is reincarnation what happens to us when we die? Could this story being showing us the possibility of carrying memory and emotional attachments from one life to the next?

The story is about a little boy who vividly remembers a previous incarnation of being a soldier in World War II and how he had died. From the information provided, it is difficult to say how else the boy would have known the information he shares without actually having remembered it.

Interestingly, the boy also talks about how he remembers choosing the family that he incarnated with in his current lifetime, something that is a common claim amongst people who have had near death experiences and who have been regressed in the stages after death.

All in all this only shares a piece of anecdotal evidence to suggest reincarnation is what happens when we die. Of course, scientifically no one can say whether this is true or untrue, but sometimes that isn’t the only way for us to have a hunch about something.  Perhaps this is the type of stuff that motivates further study into what happens when we die so that we can further understand it at the mental level.

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